Mr Stephen Fry and Takahe Chicks

I follow Mr. Fry on Twitter. ( He traveled to New Zealand to film some critically endangered species of birds. The BBC didn’t want him to post photos, since they are paying for & getting revenue through the final product. So I illustrated one of his tweets, tweet in upper right.
mr. stephen fry and a takahe

mr. stephen fry and takahe chicks

When looking at this picture, you might want to sing this song:

“Suuuuuunny Day

Feeding the

Taaaaaaaakahe…” etc.

My heart goes out to the takahe who is looking at the elephant. He may form a strong mysterious affectionate yearning for elephants, which aren’t common in New Zealand, and since takahes are flightless birds, it may be hard to satisfy this longing.


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