a note about my friday which was a very oklahoma day

i really wish i had a picture for you this morning! instead i have to use words to describe my yesterday, which was a very oklahoma kind of day.

first, i woke up and thought i must be crazy for turning the heater on…cause when i went to bed the night before it was 70 degrees out. then the radio told me it was now 29.

then i brushed my teeth.

then the radio told me that NPR’s morning edition was brought-to-you by the local oil tycoon billionaire, his wife, and family, in honor of their recently passed dog, who left this world at the age of 15 and a half years…

On my way to work, I got tied up in a line of cars waiting at the donut shop’s drive through window all the way through the parking lot and out into the state highway.

at work i wrote three grants requesting money from energy corporations

Then we went to Sonic for lunch (yeah, the drive in) and my new coworker brought along a giant photo album of all her pets, including a squirrel, a robin, a little mouse, several dogs and a cat named Budweiser. While my coworker takes in all sorts of injured wildlife, she doesn’t like ALL of it and while I wolfed down my chicken sandwich and dr pepper (i’m SO hungry lately…) she loudly described how she and her husband shot two possums thursday night.

then she said the neighbors hate her family, because of the guns, and told us how her son shot their dogs because he didn’t have his glasses on and thought they were coyotes.

I am working on a painting this weekend. I hope to finish it over the weekend, too, my dears, so you won’t have to bear many more posts without pictures.

oh, i forgot to tell you, my coworker also told me her husband works at a factory that makes bomb-sniffing robots.


3 responses to “a note about my friday which was a very oklahoma day

  1. please keep writing and maybe send them off to david sedaris.

  2. or rather, his publisher. I see a book with illustrations coming up.

  3. Rachel this is so perfect and graceful and cool!

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