will you play MARCH MADNESS with me?

SHORT STORY: if so, reply below or get hold of me online. Send me an email, tweet, or link to your facebook account, and I’ll invite you to the bracket.


“March Madness” is the term for America’s championship tournament for college basketball. All around the country, coworkers, classmates, families, or ANY group of people that spend a lot of time with each other, take the bracket used for the tournament and try to guess the outcome before the tournament starts. You don’t have to watch basketball or even like it to play and have a good time.

Traditionally, paper brackets were used. Now online websites and applications allow people who live all over the world to play together. I have made us a group on the cbs sports website. The name of our league is “pondhoppers” (in honor of my many international friends <3)


If you want to play, please comment below (or get hold of me online). You need to send me an EMAIL or link to your FACEBOOK account so I can invite you.

note: you can make and use a dummy email account. that’s fine with me.

PRIZES: in the past, I have touted prizes. Then, when the tournament is done and it’s late spring, I am HELLA BUSY and I forget to send them! (Either that, or I ended up winning… that was kind of disappointing…huge apologies.) I would really like to FINALLY give prizes, so this year I will try my best… it will probably be some sort of virtual internetty prize. ๐Ÿ™‚

BONUS: There is a bonus prize for the best drawing, writing, play, or interpretive dance depicting 2 team mascots, of any game played during the tournament, brawling .

On Sunday, March 13, teams for the tournament will be chosen and assigned their place in the bracket. Then, go to your online bracket and guess the winner of EVERY game. You need to fill out the entire bracket before games start on March 17! Don’t change the bracket after games are played.

You don’t know much about basketball? That’s okay. You can 1)read lots of headache inducing sports news articles 2)make every decision based on one stat, and look it up for each game 3) pick based on how fond you are of certain geographical areasย  4) pick based on which mascot would wind if they were fighting to the death. (a very successful tactic in the past, believe it or not…) 5) close your eyes and see if the winner is written on the inside of your eyelids 6)put the team names on the wall and then throw darts.

Whatever you choose, The predicting-guessing-animal comparing-dart throwing part takes place Sunday through Wednesday. Make sure your bracket is the 2011 bracket before you begin.

I really hope y’all will play. This involves teams from big towns and little towns, public schools and private schools, veteran basketball programs and teams that have never been in the tournament before. There’s sure to be last minute shots that win it all and lots scrappy play, as well as mascots of the strangest sorts. ๐Ÿ™‚ It really is something all sorts of Americans get into.


5 responses to “will you play MARCH MADNESS with me?

  1. perhaps they’d lose if something were to happen…like maybe borrow the old lady till after the tournament is over.

  2. you know that i don’t like duke, but she’s cute, huh?

    the UNC fans i found on you tube were either teenage boys cussing and crying or this big loud guy who broke his roommate’s coffee table with a baseball bat cause the ref called travelling.

  3. okay here I am. I may share with my kids, okay?

  4. digitalcomedynonsense

    That’s great! I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€

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