spring in oklahoma

birdies and bees my ass! i like spring allright but in my mind it’s never been some pleasant sunny yawn&stretch get out of hibernation event, no lucid, placid awakening from the cavey dark winter.

This is what spring is to me:

Today is…tuesday. Last week we’d already had a tornado warning nearby and some hail.



I was outside getting enough sun for a tan (that was great, about 75degrees… after we had a snowstorm two days ago) and reading when the wind picked up. I look around, like some horse would, sniffing and looking at every horizon. Nothing out there.

Wind again. Nothing.

Wind again…like some one who likes to tap you on the right shoulder and then slip over to your left side. Heehee!


then in a few minutes, here comes his little brother to the left


and as it goes over it starts making it’s own landscape, like a nebulae in space


it gets better


and darker


and combined with sunset light


but darkened it



without the storm, the daylight would be like it is in the left side of this pic.

That all happened in about forty minutes. Fast enough that I warmed up my dinner and then had to put off eating it.

This is why I agree with that comparison that moods are like the weather, changing quickly and sometimes without warning or reason behind it.

and when people use Spring in some metaphor, connecting it with Love or …awakening, recovery, new growth…i still think it’s an accurate comparison, but only because in my life those things all happen in fits and starts, with dark and light, with a sense of excitement and risk, just like spring weather. not just peacefulness and placid warmth alone.


One response to “spring in oklahoma

  1. nice pictures. geez whata sky

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