more poetry #1

my excuses for subjecting people to it is

A) i haven’t posted in awhile and the scanner connection is down at work, so i can’t post drawings


B) musketeller made me do it šŸ˜‰

i have no titles, i will just use different colors & entries.

click “keep reading” or title above to read #1 please



I love when a bird flies by my window

and makes a fast dark shadow between my own slow blinks,


it’s white when i close my eyes.


It feels like daytime at night

and my inner life coasts around the world

seeing movements of many dancing birds

with crisp positions on varied islands.


Bird eyes look here, look away, change to

another bird, tall and tropic, then next

predator, sparrow, penguin, flamingo.


I hear phone conversations and a falling tree,

see it standing, tipping, then forty-five degrees…

Back up to standing again, it repeats.


Like Mockingbird Danny who stood on his ground

In three perfect steps he opened his wings:

Lifted, Open, Out! Lifted, Open, Out!


So specific this bird, a speller.

The whole word covered in letters-

And I can’t hold a sentence longer than this

And the last one I see won’t give up.


It flashes on and off and backwards.

It wears me out with sound.

Heavens my friend,


can you turn the lamp down, can you cool me?

Can you cover me with your shading profile,

cool you, shaven, with blue smell, threatless


between bed and window your slanting shadow

all cyan around the edge, leans a little more,

a little more…then starts again.




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