more poetry #2

this one’s very sick because it has “love” three times in the first paragraph like those browning people but i couldn’t stop myself.  (oops, it’s four, sorry) am i thirteen?

click “keep reading” or title above to read  #2 please



I love from high and silent mountainsides

I love from airless depths of ink dark sea

I love you from behind a wall cloud

I’ll love from any place I can’t be seen


For you are a species seperate

In body and mind, of fearsome frame

I hold my breath when you pass by me

With a shadow hush my shameful flame.


Can I show you past the skin I’m lost in?

My real, young man soul, large and deep in voice

Not perfect but lean and haired and fierce for you.

Between this self and outsides, I’ll make a choice.


My self is deep in the closest pocket

Well-read, strength softened, and beloved by me

Unfolds til my body won’t fit or hold it

Cut free, cleaned and bled, my body will be.


In myths my self walks in doubled woods

In myths great changes aren’t misunderstood

No gender measured lack, no darkened star disguised

And you’d rest your belly upon my back,

That belly I loved from the mountainsides.




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