more poetry #3

posting this stuff is like … going down ladders on a cliff wall. you just keep going and don’t look at anything but your knuckles.

and so here goes more.

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In a rocking chair in dark

Like a lake at night, a lake

Silent and still, but filled

With more, maybe more than day.


Rub of living rolls through me

Light on water waves, in skin

Up from soles of touching feet

Split at legs, then rush back in


Fireflies swarm my heart and gut

Little blinks concur for blaze,

Diverge through arm, neck, arm, and out

Like hungry stars ride expanding space


Open windows carry hums

And charming clicks of tiny ones

Short lives!  Of which a fraction’s peace!

But listen!     Hear?     They never cease.




2 responses to “more poetry #3

  1. I wish we had fireflies here but I don’t want them to have to travel so far.

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