more poetry #5

last one before i have to go to a meeting

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When I was young I never could sleep

For two reasons: one was restless beating

Of Night Thoughts, shapes regenerate, repeating

Persons and creatures laughing, leaping, till

They came unhinged, fell…

Then started again

the quick sequence.

Within three counts of my closed eyes, stumbling

monsters born and died and reborn, tumbling

in the blank space between my eyes and hair

where I cannot turn away but inside out.

With open eyes and lucid light to douse

a child’s drunk night in ice cold water, clear

the dark, and part the marching mind. Let’s rest.


Flat lake of light, bright white blank page for sounds


To drop upon, bugs’ bodies ticking on

slick windows, and birds calling each other in for bed.

Adults ice their late night glasses,

Let T.V.s drone and glow then dampen out.

I don’t want to miss a single little life.

Crickets talk, and coyotes will too,

will sound so happy and sad in one yelp,

Like me when I see that each of you

will grow, leap, seek your others, struggle…

smile, stumble, and die.

Each one’s life limited,

how could I close my eyes?

How could I miss a minute?




One response to “more poetry #5

  1. oh, how could I miss a minute. that one brought me to tears.

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