a poem about that bodysurfing

yeah i cringe when i try to share poetry. not as cozy with that as drawing, but here goes.


I was born again in North Carolina

On the coast near rusty men fishing for sharks.

We spent our time inside the water

And wore nothing but shorts and sand and scars.


Submitted our bodies to gravity’s hold

(Misrepresented as stillness condensed)

Its arms are a space that forever folds

Hugs and shoves, bends bones, loves turbulence.


We endure what our ocean loves

And our ocean loves how we last,

How gentle hands brush sand from blood

and burns we recieved when we crashed


on the gleaming beach, stunned in the skull

Happy, unsure, we delicately stand

Away, waves rush away and firmly pull

Our ankles and steps back away from the land.


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