Mr. Fox, Uncle JB’s funeral, and recent ideas

Hello Everyone!

I realize it’s been a long time since posting a DRAWING or PAINTING…have some finished drawings, but they are a bit bigger than the scanner bed at work. They need a bigger bed. In the meantime, I can tell y’all  a bit about what’s been going on around here.

1) My Uncle J.B. passed away. He had throat cancer twice, and the radiation began affecting his mind. Doctors said that the dementia was a sign that his body had enough and he was dying. He hadn’t slept in weeks when he unscrewed the bottle of water attached to his oxygen and poured it on the floor. He slipped in the puddle and hit his head on the dresser. He was taken to the emergency room and it was possible his neck was broken. He died while at the hospital.

2) J.B.’s funeral was held in a very small and crowded church, with whitewashed walls, decorated around the top with painted flags of world nations. One half of the sanctuary was family, the other half churchmembers and friends. J.B. played harmonica in the church band, which also has a drum set, an electric guitar player, a bass player, keyboardist, and several singers. This funeral had music you could dance to, and the minister repeatedly said that cancer did not kill J.B., a broken neck did not kill J.B., because they prayed over these things and he was healed. The associate pastor described J.B. as a “former golden glove boxer, a high explosives worker for the pensacola dam,  raised quarterhorses, bulldogs, and coon hounds,  enjoyed hunting, fishing, and cockfighting.” I didn’t know all this about J.B. but I did know he was a colorful guy and seemed very loving in his old age…which was all of him I knew. My aunt married him when he was already a retiree.

3) I met a Fox at the lake. He was behind some tall grass as I rode my bike along the trail. I’d seen 3 baby foxes together a couple months ago. This one appreas to be one of them. I crouched down and acted curious, and he trotted right up to me. We hung out together for about half an hour. I was worried he had lost his mom, and didn’t know how to hunt…he tried eating goose poop, leaves, and sidewalk sealant. Passing cyclists would ride up, slam on their brakes, yell “THAT’S A FOX!” and he’d run away. After they passed, he’d trot back up to me. When he walked a ways up the trail, I didn’t follow. But after riding my bike further, I saw him and 2 other young foxes stalking something in a creek, their mother watching from the bank. I’m sure she said “Murphy Joe Fox! Where have you Been?” and he said “…Nowhere…” with sidewalk sealant hanging from his mouth.

4) I had a funny dream… in which I was painting a museum neon colors. The paints would blink on and off like disco lights. I also dreamed I forgot to put on my jeans and had nothing on but a shirt. More importantly, I dreamed that there was a giant blimp that picked up bales of wheat from fields and deposited bales of Frosted Shredded Wheat in thier place. It was the Frosted Shredded Wheat Blimp.

5) umm…there was a wasp in my room. Not just in my room, but in a box of kleenexes. And I sent out a tweet on twitter that said “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” then I wondered if in the days of telegrams, anyone sent telegrams of themselves screaming? It would say “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! [STOP.]


One response to “Mr. Fox, Uncle JB’s funeral, and recent ideas

  1. I enjoyed reading all that and really like your drawings.

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