talkin’ ’bout animals

talkin bout animals .

.I watch PBS’s “NATURE”…a LOT.  Last winter I read “Evolution’s Rainbow” which was all about gender diversity in nature, and also read some other books about animals that went a little beyond what i already knew.

I’m often looking across the room at my boss and saying something like…



“Did you know there’s these Eel shaped fish called Hagfish, and if they are attacked, they secrete a substance that turns water into thick slime that suffocates the attacker? And then to escape from their own slime, they ties themselves into a knot, and then pass the knot down their body.”

“REALLY??” she says. fortunately my boss is as interested in random scientific facts as i am.

However, sometimes, if i’m a bit hyper, these facts come out in the middle of a TOTALLY DIFFERENT CONVERSATION .


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