new poem from last night

Talk! everyone, like I know you can,

and let me see on fragile window glass

the sky inside your mind which your hands

fall palm up to speak of, to gently catch

lost pieces, saturate movies of your heart

overflow, cannot QUITE be held by me

or other willing humans ‘cept in parts —

cups we will drink with curiosity

to know the dreams in another nut’s head,

to release our tears to rapids beyond

ourselves, kiss you colors beyond hellos —

Oh, touching mute blocks! Fear not! Go in stead

To open all human hearts like a canyon

And yell, yell your love, your love, little echos.



i just went around and un-password protected older poems on here. please let me know in a comment if you couldn’t open them.

to find them all use this link

click here

p.s does anyone know how to type a poem in where there is not so much space between lines? how can i do single space typing?


2 responses to “new poem from last night

  1. Gorgeousness in worded form. 🙂

  2. oh, mee mees. you make me cry- this is a part of myself i’ve forgotten all about. and it is such a beautiful poem.

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