Via a request from my friends Marz and Christopher, here are a few interesting artists who focus on animals. I hope to add to this in a few days, for now, it’s a good start and the styles are very different.

NOTE: i don’t know how to fix the blank space in the middle… scroll down 🙂


known best for a famous painting of pine trees in the mist, a lot of Hasegawa Tohaku’s other works include tigers, birds, fish, monkeys, etc.

Hasegawa Tohaku, Tiger, 1606




These are kind of strange and surreal… they are part Audobon, with the format of large Japanese painting, and a more surreal narrative

walton ford

walton ford

walton ford



a Japanese artist who incorporated some European style into his work

Rosetsu, Bull and Puppy

Rosetsu, Tiger



an artist I am really fond of. Charley Harper was from West Virginia, and was often hired by the National Parks Service to create posters and other illustrations. Harper emphasized geometric shapes and used flat colors to create dynamic compositions. He made so many works; I’m always seeing new ones every time I run a search.

Charley Harper, from the Giant Golden Book of Biology

glacier bay


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