me. you'll see a lot of me. i can't help it. there's no one else around.

HEY! I’m so glad you made it. Take your coat off !

ABOUT ME: I grew up in rural Oklahoma, and lived in Seattle, Washington for 8 years after graduating college. (College Note: Did I ever tell you I decided on an art degree because I thought if I engineered bridges or searched for subatomic particles I’d goof up and accidentally kill a lot of people? It’s true. Plus I’m horrible at writing papers and can’t bear dissecting things. What else could I do?)

I am now an Okie again. I miss my friends from Seattle. We used to get together to show our drawings, or lay out a big piece of paper and a half rack of beer and make one big drawing together, or record music, or write movie ideas, and have a good time.


Without Words: This is all things I have made, paintings and drawings… even though there aren’t words, there are some loud things, there are some quiet things, there are some ridiculous things and things taken so seriously your face might scrunch up from feeling so embarrassed for me. It includes:

Paintings and Drawings: is fancier, finished stuff…thought not always better.

Sketchbook Pages: are scanned directly from my sketchbook.

Fridge Door: is…uh…those wonderful goofy things ya do when you’re supposed to be working, in a meeting, studying, crying, etc.

More categories coming in the future, like my favorite paintings, things made by friends, dreams I have that are wittier than I am myself, the horror of what happens if I try to write a poem, and anything in Oklahoma that may freak out my worldwide friends.

I hope some visitors can leave comments in forms of pictures or links to pictures, music, doodles…and get a real hoppin’ drawin’ party goin’ on. Just-wordy comments are great too. Especially since I’m a bit dumb at talking about my drawings.


did you know it's really this flat here? P.S. no this is not a mark rothko.


7 responses to “About

  1. You’re the greatest!
    Sorry, I will have more in-depth things to say than that, eventually. I’m really sick right now and Ezra just fell asleep after being up-and-at-em for 8 hours straight, so I’d better join him.
    I need to find some cool photos and links to send you, p’rhaps over the weekend.

    • kind of fun to get a comment that says “you’re the greatest” and then clicking “i approve”…hahaha.

      hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Funny comment on your photo of the flatness – I see the Rothko there, now that you mention it!

  3. Your paintings are great… I like them.

    You know I found your blog in tribe web.. and found you!

  4. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. Good to catch up with you again after all these years.

  5. Hiya..Just kind of wandered in and thought I’d let you know how much I enjoyed wandering through..
    I loved the paintings, and the poetry..shall pop by again soon


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