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it’s been a long time, huh?

so sorry for the amount of RADIO SILENCE on the blog!

it is for good reason though. I have recently started teaching college drawing classes! This means I need to spend lots of time cooking up assignments, with an accompanying gravy of handouts and special activities. I think that after this first semester, teaching the same classes this spring will go by easier. I AM still drawing and painting, I just haven’t had the scanner access I used to! However, I hope to post some of the new art very very soon! Thanks for your patience!

meanwhile, i’d like to share with you this very bizarre text from an ebook site I found.


Product Description: Artists hit aspired for centuries to officer the framework of prowess the manlike figure. Live models hit been unnatural in intricate discourse in visit to create realistic renderings. Today, advances in profession attain it doable for artists to ingest realistic models, eliminating limitations that touch springy models. Poser Figure Artist from e frontier offers artists an dumbfounding information that makes it easier than ever to conquer the prowess of the manlike form. Figure Drawing with Virtual Models is your pass to effort the most discover of Poser Figure Artist. You’ll counterbalance the principle of the manlike anatomy, including skeletal and muscular structure, as you see how to create and entertainer your initial figure. Working within Poser Figure Artist, you’ll see how to ordered and change your model’s pose, alter the essay of your sketch, and attain impalpable changes to the illumination that surrounds your model. You’ll also counterbalance the pros and cons of a impulsive help over a realistic model. The concomitant CD-ROM includes a 30-day effort edition of Figure Artist as substantially as a QuickTime flick tutorial and an discourse with a practicing artist. Perfecting your amount prowess techniques has never been easier!


and a strange pic i found as well…


Note to visitors

Just a little note about the posts…just started this blog a few days ago and first i’m trying to catch up by posting all the images i have of past artwork as well as what’s recent. At first i considered messing around with the dates to make it truly chronological, but that means that repeat visitors would have to search to find the “new” post. So now keeping the dates as the true date i posted it.

This also means, though, that my friends who are visiting have probably seen about half of this before, and click to a new post only to find an older drawing. Sorry about that.

Hope to be caught up in a week or so, and then all the NEW posts will be truly NEW. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your patience.