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Das Peterbuilt

das peterbuilt cropped.


Scene from the Armadillo Opera “Das Peterbuilt”. (drawn awhile back, forgot to upload…)


talkin’ ’bout animals

talkin bout animals .

.I watch PBS’s “NATURE”…a LOT.  Last winter I read “Evolution’s Rainbow” which was all about gender diversity in nature, and also read some other books about animals that went a little beyond what i already knew.

I’m often looking across the room at my boss and saying something like…



“Did you know there’s these Eel shaped fish called Hagfish, and if they are attacked, they secrete a substance that turns water into thick slime that suffocates the attacker? And then to escape from their own slime, they ties themselves into a knot, and then pass the knot down their body.”

“REALLY??” she says. fortunately my boss is as interested in random scientific facts as i am.

However, sometimes, if i’m a bit hyper, these facts come out in the middle of a TOTALLY DIFFERENT CONVERSATION .

grant app cat

my my i’ve been busy this week. i have ten grant applications to finish and at the same time trying to put together a fundraising event and help plan a capital campaign.

it’s one of those days where doodling at work may be the best i can do for the next 24 hours. (yes, i have to draw every day. or i will go all green and hulky on people.)

so, today, i present to you, “grant app cat.”



this cat has a nice mellow, low, sophisticated male voice.

here it is walking away.

is this hello or goodbye?

is this hello or goodbye?

Patrick Carter II, or “Dolphin Discovers Primate Intelligence, Emails Noam Chomsky”

This is a group of news articles my best friend Amanda and I (yeah, Amanda, my friend who looks exactly like Rosalind Russell in “Auntie Mame”) created years ago, when we should have been hard at work looking busy at our retail job in Seattle, WA. Amanda’s a lot more verbal than I am. Put together, we were very creative: my absurd imagination of talking animals or ridiculous inventions combined with her witty writing abilities. Amanda lives in Portland OR now and I’m here in Oklahoma; I miss her.
Note: I typed the text of most of it because it is hard to read. If you can’t read the bits I didn’t type, PLEASE tell me, I’ll come back and fix it.
Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.



from the Daily Myopic Examiner

New Orleans- Scientists worldwide are collectively releasing research documents proving great advances in the intelligence of monkeys. “It is possible that monkeys have always been this intelligent, just without us Homosapiens being aware of it,” says Trudy Oldham of Boston University- “But I doubt it!” adds her co-researcher, Ken Pooks.

The research documents list several dozen instances of monkeys involved in activities both inside research laboratories and out. In Burlington, Vermont, a spider monkey appeared at a local hot dog eating contest-not only winning it, but tripling the local record by consuming 270 dogs. At a zoo in Fargo, North Dakota, zookeepers working in the primate facility noticed odd behavior in a chimpanzee. After much analysis, they claim that “Cooper” was drawing line graphs of his and other chimps’ sex drives on the wall of his holding pen, using his own feces to do so. “It’s possible [Cooper] was copying the behavior of the researchers who observed him,” said Ron Butch, a keeper at the zoo. At MIT, lab chimps have been given computers with internet capability as part of an experiment. The researchers were delighted when one chimp began receiving emails from another. Continue reading

Mr Stephen Fry and Takahe Chicks

I follow Mr. Fry on Twitter. ( He traveled to New Zealand to film some critically endangered species of birds. The BBC didn’t want him to post photos, since they are paying for & getting revenue through the final product. So I illustrated one of his tweets, tweet in upper right.
mr. stephen fry and a takahe

mr. stephen fry and takahe chicks

When looking at this picture, you might want to sing this song:

“Suuuuuunny Day

Feeding the

Taaaaaaaakahe…” etc.

My heart goes out to the takahe who is looking at the elephant. He may form a strong mysterious affectionate yearning for elephants, which aren’t common in New Zealand, and since takahes are flightless birds, it may be hard to satisfy this longing.

Animal Nightclub

animal nightclub

animal nightclub

Hamburgers, broken hearts, and football.