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just finished this painting, don’t think i painted all summer… so i was nervous about starting. but it went okay.

click for larger image here

here’s detail pics of the ducks.





heron sketch

heron sketch.


drawing of a heron. i want to try it again… but different. i got some books about Birds from the library because i love them and think about them a lot and make drawings with birds in them, but i’m not very good at drawing them… it’s not so easy to draw a Pelican, a Cormorant, a Heron to where folks recognize what they are.

waterbirds by night and day

waterbirds diving in the evening.




more poetry #1

my excuses for subjecting people to it is

A) i haven’t posted in awhile and the scanner connection is down at work, so i can’t post drawings


B) musketeller made me do it 😉

i have no titles, i will just use different colors & entries.

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