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Das Peterbuilt

das peterbuilt cropped.


Scene from the Armadillo Opera “Das Peterbuilt”. (drawn awhile back, forgot to upload…)


fell asleep reading

fell asleep reading

a dark banjo-playing day





i’d like to make a larger painting like this

heron sketch

heron sketch.


drawing of a heron. i want to try it again… but different. i got some books about Birds from the library because i love them and think about them a lot and make drawings with birds in them, but i’m not very good at drawing them… it’s not so easy to draw a Pelican, a Cormorant, a Heron to where folks recognize what they are.

the sun still rises when it rains

the sun still rises when it rains.


for a larger image click here

waterbirds by night and day

waterbirds diving in the evening.