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just finished this painting, don’t think i painted all summer… so i was nervous about starting. but it went okay.

click for larger image here

here’s detail pics of the ducks.





better pics of library and seagulls

just because the last one’s so blurry. i’ll try to keep my mouth shut so you won’t hear me singing about hyenas.

library with seagulls...is this clearer?

library with seagulls...is this clearer?

and also close ups



library with seagulls, and asides about dub music

editor’s note: this painting was reposted with better pictures later. however, this post has been left intact to preserve a picture of the artist’s mind at 4:30 in the morning.

YAY! i finished another painting. been staying up late two nights in a row (4:45am right now) cause after a certain point, when you see you’re about done, it’s so hard to wait another day. Pleaswe excuse any typos, abrupt sentences.

also, the pics aren’t so great, taken in my apartment in the middle of the night. They turn out much better when taken outside somewhere. and without SHAKEY HANDS which unfortunately i sometimes have.

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myself waving at where i once was

my self waving at where i once was

my self waving at where i once was

This is a very small painting, about 10×10 inches, and from quite awhile ago! 2005 or 2006.  (ALMOST completed posting all the old images I’d like to share.) This is a library at my college. The next painting I’m working on, and hope to post soon, is also of a library. If I work hard, maybe it can be posted next to this one.




Capoeira!! I miss it. It’s so much fun to try and learn to kick, do handstands, while learning portuguese and how to play brazilian music instruments! This is from 2006, may be the oldest thing posted, but I still like the pic.

Oh, I am on the upper right, and my teacher is on the upper left. He’s trying to show me how to do a handstand. I could never do it. But kept trying and kept trying, falling WHAM right on the floor sometimes. He was going to name me Persistanza…except I had to quit before Batizado and never got my capoeira name.

The Dam

the dam

the dam

This is a painting from February of 2008. Started it about 3 years before that and put it aside because I got stuck and didn’t know what to do with it! It’s loosely inspired by a dam in Oklahoma that folks go to to fish or walk around or get drunk in the middle of the night, etc. You can walk around on the dry side, they’ll sound an alarm for quite awhile if they’re planning on opening the gates.

detail of "the dam"

detail of "the dam"

I went down there once and took photos, not just in shorts of course. So this isn’t really from memory, but about a way I see myself.

The me there is ALSO very inspired by this painting by Domenico Veneziano.

Domenico Veneziano

Domenico Veneziano: John in the wilderness

image from wikimedia commons, info: The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202. Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH

Boomer Lake

boomer lake

boomer lake

riding my bike on the trail at boomer lake.  and also wearing my favorite tee shirt. below is a close up.

posted a blurrier pic of this on twitter and it continues to get hits, so i figured someone wants a closer look.

detail of boomer lake

detail of boomer lake